Shore Fishing on Maui

Fishing from shore on Maui can be fun for young and old beginners or experience fisherman. There are several method that you can fish from shore. Dunking is the most common method used. This is done by baiting your hook and casting your line out. Spinning or whipping is another method this done by using an artificial lure or live bait casting your line out and either do a slow or fast retrieving of your line with a jerking motion. Straight pole fishing is done by using a fiberglass or bamboo pole about 8'to 10' in length with your main line tied to the tip of your pole with a lead sinker and baited hook at the bottom, no reel is needed. This good for tidal ponds, holes or edge of reef edge. throwing net which is an art the net is about 8'to10' in height and has a circumference of 8' to 10' with lead at bottom when thrown it should open in a circle. this method of fishing is used for tidal ponds, holes and edge of reef good for catching lots of fish at one time, it's a very rewarding feeling when you are able to catch fish using this method. Spear fishing is done quite often along the shore this where you can pick and choose the type of fish or lobster you want for lunch or dinner (no spearing of lobster must be catch by hand). Slide bait is mostly used by ulua fisherman casting there line out from a high rock or cliff and sliding there bait down with a special made rig.

There are many type of bait that can be used to fish some of the common bait are mainland shrimp, cuttlefish, octopus, eel, live reef fish and artificial lures. Most of the reef fish is safe to eat. You can fish all along shore on Maui. The north shore is best to fish during the summer months or when the wind is blowing from the south, west and south shore can be fish all year round, east shore is best during the summer months, very rough area lots of lava rocks no pave road to access shore 4 wheel truck a must.

Maui offers incredible sport fishing opportunities, both from the shore and off the coast of the island. Fishing from shore is a great mellow activity and fun when you only have a couple of hours. All you need is a rod, and either live bait or artificial lures. With lures you can cast out and then reel it in, with bait, just throw it out and let it sit until you get a bite. This is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the coast in a relaxing way.

If you want to get into the bigger fish, including marlin, tuna, wahoo, and mahi mahi, a boat trip is the ticket. Experienced captains can get you out into the good water where there larger fish can be found. Bottom fishing is another option if you want to try your skill at catching some smaller, but tasty, fish.