Lanai Sportfishing from Manele Harbor

While Lanai is world famous for luxury vacationing at places such as the Four Seasons Manele Bay, it is slightly less well known for its sport fishing off the island's southern shore. The conditions of these fishing grounds are almost always still and tranquil, and the large blue marlin is commonplace in these shallow waters as are the charter fishing boats. Lanai fishing is not only practiced by tourists on Lanai vacations, but also by visitors from neighboring islands.

Lanai offers ample opportunities for sport fishing. The best place to fish on Lanai is off the southern shore, where visitors from neighboring islands, such as Maui and Lahaina, often practice fish for some of the largest blue marlins around, which are rarely found in shallow waters. Years ago, there was a traditional fishing village in South Lanai called Kaunolu, first established in the fifteenth century, where the everyday existence revolved around the sea and its life-giving power. They even kept a koa, or fishing shrine, to ensure good catches. One of the great rulers, King Kamehameha the Great, used this small town as his favorite retreat, as it was his favorite fishing spot.

The waters of Lanai are teeming with fish all year round, but the peak seasons for sport fishing are spring and summer. Some of the fish that can be caught while fishing on Lanai include the mahi mahi, the ono, and, of course, the much coveted blue marlin. If you are planning to get the big catch, be prepared to get yourself out of bed and ready to go deep sea fishing by 6 or 6:30 in the morning, as most of the charter boats depart at either of these two times. If that seems early, be consoled that anglers from neighboring islands leave an hour earlier.



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